Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've Got It ALL(Most)

holy smokes.

holy smokes friends,

sometimes i find myself so wrapped up in the thoughts and actions of other people that i forget to stop and think about what i think about and to remember what it is that i feel about the things that i think about.

this evening i tried to watch the first debate between our two wonderful, smart, courageous, honorable, honest, loyal, straight-talking, straight-thinking, straight in orientation, presidential candidates and boy was i impressed.....................................................................................................................................................
...................................................................................................and and by impressed i mean that i was physically nauseated and i cant tell if it was from too much ice cream, or because i could actually SEE the garbage falling out of the senators mouths as they spoke. very clean and pleasing to republicans and democrats alike was the trash, but trash it was.
obama hadnt yet "seen the language" on our county's "bailout plan" and when the mediator asked Senator John McCain AKA "THE MAVERICK" if he would vote for the plan he responded "i hope so" and when pushed for a real answer he said, and no i am not making this up, "sure".

oh well.

tonight i am warm and i know that my family is safe. i am not hungry and neither is my daughter and that is much more than the majority of us humans can say. i guess we can just let the small stuff slide and roll with what we have...and i think that i'll take a shower tonight before i turn in...ya, that sounds nice. why not? sure.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eve Learns To Stand Upright...or...We Have Walked On This Earth For Thousands Of Years And Now We Have No Time

these days the balance between old and new is more apparent to me than ever.
life and death.
health and sickness.
good and evil.
blonde and brunette. (kidding, but brunette for me!...and ALL nelson men!)

as eve gets bigger and develops more skills (numchucks, bowstaff, ninja, and liger drawing to name a few) i find myself amazed that as a species we continue to develop and thrive but as a society we continue, it would seem that we strive, to destroy ourselves. i doubt very strongly that we and the planet that we inhabit will be around for very much longer yet even now, in the face of certain doom and self-destruction, my little girl is learning to walk and i cant help but think (and hope) that maybe...just maybe, she will grow up to save our world.

also: you'll notice that eve has a new face. i call it her scrunchy face and i love it :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

usa vs uruguay. mens rugby. new real salt lake stadium. november 8th. BE THERE.

we as utahns have a totally sweet opportunity to check out rugby at its highest level in the newest and most state of the art stadium in the country, maybe the world, this november in sandy. the USA mens team will be taking on Uruguay at 4 oclock on 11/08/2008. dont know a thing about rugby? not sure if you would like to attend? check out this video and think again.

seriously though, it's going to be really cool and i would love to share it with anybody interested.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Astonishing Life Of Octavian Nothing - Traitor to the Nation - Volume 1: The Pox Party

hello all! i just need to get the word out about this book that i have just read. astonishing is the word for Octavian Nothing. i finished it in a day but thats not to say that its an easy read...its just REALLY REALLY good. i was completely blown away and stunned and i recommend it HIGHLY to anyone and everybody. let me know what you think!

Monday, September 1, 2008

she doesnt always scowl...just almost always. and she likes ice cream...after it warms up.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

video funcluster

and now, for something completely different...or maybe just slightly different. a video instead of pictures. here we have eve getting very serious and very upset at something. enjoy. also...she kind of looks like Ralph Wiggam.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 more.

she's not in trouble and i dont know why she thinks that she is. silly cute little girl.

A Day or Two Off...and On

and here i sit making excuses to myself as to how i am just too busy to blog; but the simple fact lies there, staring up at me: i am NOT too busy to blog. today is my day off and i havent really done a thing. i read some of The Grapes of Wrath. i saw eve and katie off (they visited for a night). also, i made you see, nothing about my day has been busy.

am i just lazy? why am i so tired? ah well, here is my blog and here are some pictures. i'll just post some pictures because lets be honest folks...thats why we're all here. pictures of eve. she's the cute one. and now i'm rambling and that is a bad thing. thank you and goodnight. the end.

Monday, July 7, 2008

BreezeTown USA

the days now are hot. the nights now are warm. and maybe, i think, we would all be this happy if we could just lay around in easy chairs wearing next to nothing...

and play with our toys...

and eat...

and blow bubbles...

eve, i think you're on to something here.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Throwin' Shapes @ Dr. L'Ling

...and there i was, ready for a breakdown. i mean i was ready to:

and then: a light in the darkness!
the SUN on the dark side of the moon!
daybreak after an arctic winter!
my katie and my eve...TO THE RESCUE!
GOOD, now i can GO again (MR. G, GOOEY GUM).
and now i WILL go again. and good WILL defeat evil and the sun WILL rise. thank you. the end. here are some pictures.

in all seriousness, katie and eve visited me in corinne this week and i cant tell you how much they both lifted my spirit. i love them like the stars...knowing no distance...knowing no time...knowing no limits...
i am one lucky guy.